Top 7 Construction Upgrade Ideas

Top 7 Restaurant, Retail Store & Office Space Upgrade Ideas

Upgrading your retail space, restaurant, or commercial office is critical in the competitive world we live.  Simple upgrades can dramatically improve your business image and customer experience.

Here are the Top 7 Construction Upgrade Ideas for you.

Top 7 Restaurant, Retail Store & Office Space Upgrade Ideas

1. Know Your Area And Your Customer.

Although the Wild Salmon Seafood Market in Seattle may evoke beautiful thoughts for you, in Virginia Beach, you may not get the same results for your customers. Designing your space with your customers in mind will help them feel comfortable and more apt to buy your services.

2. Invest In Good Lighting. 

The proper lighting of your retail space sets the mood of your brand. The three basic types of lighting every retail space should consider are ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting refers to the general illumination of an area or environment and is designed to distribute light throughout a room evenly. Task lighting refers to lighting fixtures or sources specifically designed to provide focused illumination for specific tasks or activities. Finally, Accent lighting refers to lighting used to highlight or draw attention to particular objects, areas, or architectural features in a space.

Top 7 Restaurant, Retail Store & Office Space Upgrade Ideas

3. Use The Right Colors. 

Color influences behavior, both positively and negatively. The right color choices can subconsciously motivate your customers to

spend more money…in contrast, poor color choices can destroy the customer experience.

4. Update Your Outdated Look.

Unless you are a retro store…retro looks old, the visual identity of your store or restaurant is your brand identity, and your brand should reflect your product and your customers.

5. Repair Deterioration.

A rundown store sends a negative message. Faded or chipped paint, worn flooring, structural problems, water leaks, and off-putting smells can lead to an unfavorable customer experience.

6. Add Space.

A growing business can benefit from additional commercial space to store products or have room for more employees and customers.

plastic partitions; covid 19 partitions; commercial construction;

7. Refresh Restrooms.

The first place visited by the founder of McDonald’s on every restaurant visit was the restrooms. Ray Kroc knew a clean, updated bathroom was critical to a positive customer experience.

Anything from plumbing issues to stained ceilings or flooring to warn-out fixtures will send a message to your customers.

Does your building or office space need an upgrade? 

We can help. The design team at Omega Contracting and Consulting will help you bring your vision to life; then, our construction team will implement those upgrades to perfection. Contact our design team below to begin this process.

Top 7 Construction Upgrade Ideas

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