Commercial Construction Service Company

Omega Contracting and Consulting is a Commercial Construction Service Company that offers a wide range of Construction Delivery Methods that will assure your construction project to be completed on time and on budget.  The Construction Services Omega offers are tailored for many needs and are designed to fit into a wide range of ventures; they include Design-Build, Agency Construction Management, Tenant Finish, and General Contractor (GC) services.

Design Build

Design Build; Commercial Construction Service Company in Linthicum Heights, MD

Design-Build is a very simple, one stop, streamlined approach to commercial construction. Your team and our team communicate and collaborate together, from beginning to end, to deliver your vision to a completely constructed project.

When our commercial construction service company clients hire Omega as their Design/Build (D-B) Contractor, our team of designers, our architects and engineers, create design plans based on your needs and ideas, which are then moved from the drawing board to the construction site and built from the ground up.  Under our management and oversight, our qualified contractors and sub contractors bring your ideas to life.

From a schedule and a cost standpoint, Design-Build is the best performing construction delivery system.

Design-Build moves your project from the pre construction assessments toward architectural design, into construction, post construction and completion phase.  Our goal is to make this transition a seamless and celebrated event.

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Agency Construction Management

Agency Construction Management; Commercial Construction Service Company in Linthicum Heights, MD

Agency Construction Management, also known as Construction Manager as Adviser, is a fee based commercial construction service where Omega Contracting and Consulting acts as the owner’s agent, responsible exclusively to the owner, and performs in the owner’s interest throughout every stage of the project.

Although the contracts are between the Owner and the Trade Contractors, the Construction Manager’s role is to act as an “adviser” to the Owner as it relates to the Owner’s management of those contracts.  The Agency Construction Manager also offers the owner advice on best practices or optimum use of design, construction, scheduling, etc. and is responsible for monitoring the budget, schedule and project cost in an effort to avoid delays and deliver the completed project on time and on budget.

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General Contractor (GC)

General Contractor; Commercial Construction Service Company in Linthicum Heights, MD

A General Contractor (GC), main contractor or prime contractor takes complete control of a construction project and is the main contact with the property owner.  The GC is responsible for the day to day oversight of a construction site and is accountable for all construction and communication between the trades including contractors, sub contractors, vendors, etc.

Although the General Contractor’s responsibilities vary from job to job; typically the GC wears many “hats” during a construction project.   Normally the GC will provide all materials necessary, hire and manage all necessary labor, and furnish all construction equipment and tools required to complete the job.  In addition the General Contractor manages schedules, payments, cash flow and keeps accurate records of all aspects of the projects.

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Project Takeover

Project Takeover; Commercial Construction Service Company in Linthicum Heights, MD

Sometimes situations present themselves that require you to make contractor changes in the middle of a project; this is called a Project Takeover.  This is a difficult position for all parties involved; the business owner is frustrated and has lost trust in the project manager, and the new construction company is jumping in mid stream and has the additional task of rebuilding the owner’s confidence.

The Process

First we quickly assess the situation to determine what went wrong and what stage the project is in currently; our goal is to keep the construction project moving on schedule as much as possible.

Check The Work

Next we walk through the project and check the current state of the work.  Is it up to code? Were the proper permits filed?  Is the material used good quality and properly installed?  What is the status of the sub-contractors?  Once these questions are answered, we begin to bid the project takeover.

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